Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 8, Pt.1 - Saint Michaels Church (exterior), Fort Loramie, Ohio

A few pics of the exterior of St Michaels Church in Fort Loramie, Ohio...

(pic #3) Archangel Saint Michael tramples Satan.

(pic #4) I like how Michael looks down, past Satan, towards anyone entering the church.

(pic #5) Real clocks on four sides of the steeple, real bells in the bell tower announcing the half-hours. I was here for three hours, awaiting twilight for some night pictures.

(pic #6) The crosses appear to be iron or steel. The cross on the steeple is gilded, white the one on the back of the church is simply painted white and shows signs of rust seeping through.

(pic #7) Night shot. Not great, but worth the wait. I watched at dusk as pigeons landed in different places on the steeple, leaping off and fluttering down to lower perches, or taking off in pairs and circling the steeple in what appeared to be nothing more than a celebration of flight. Higher up swifts were hunting insects, while below the occasional bat swept silently past just above my head.

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