Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 3, Pt.3 - The Sound of Rain on Corn

On toward Berne, Indiana.

(pic #1) Possibly-abandoned house in Ceylon, Indiana. Note the hole in the roof, damaged chimney, collapsed porch, and neatly maintained lawn. I like how the porch swing is still in place, thought the porch probably wouldn't support my weight.

(pics #2 & #3) Ceylon covered bridge, inside and out. The graffiti inside is annoying, but some of it dates back to the 1980s, and so is becoming historic itself.

(pic #4) The Wabash River. Very green, and quite peaceful.

(pic #5) Another Indiana gravel road. Miles of well-maintained gravel through farmland, but this time with tracks from Amish buggy wheels!

(pic #6) I decided to leave my own distinctive S-shaped tracks along this section. I wonder if anyone else will notice...?

(pic #7) In Amish country, the intersection of County Roads 400S and 0 0 0. I sat at this intersection for awhile, enjoying the quiet scenery. At one point I could hear the "klop-klop-klop" of Amish horse-drawn buggies in all four directions of the intersection.The Amish farms here are neat, clean, simple, with barnyards that remind me of old movies... a cow, a buggy horse, two draft horses, a goat, a score of chickens and ducks. I decided not to take pictures of the farms of the buggies - I know there are already plenty of tourists taking pictures, and it seems like an intrusion. There is something about this area that feels almost sacred... difficult to explain, but at one point I was sitting beside a field having a late snack, watching rain roll across the plains a few miles to the north, listening to horses klopping along in the distance and crickets in the weeds and rain on the corn, and I suddenly burst into tears. Just one of those moments when everything was so beautiful it was overwhelming.

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  1. Go, Aldo, go. I know what you mean about the overwhelming beauty and the time it takes to realize it is all around you. I can't actually be there cycling with you but am definitely with you in spirit. "Have a Nice Ride"...