Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 3, Pt.2 - Portland, Indiana

After Fort Recovery it was on to Portland, Indiana. Attractive city with thriving downtown and several interesting buildings.

(pic #1) This building currently houses a newspaper. Rather unimpressive side facing the main streets, but...

(pic #2) ...the front reveals a more interesting past. WH Hood was a wholesale grocer.

(pic #3) Don't know who the lady in the blue bonnet was. Note the multitude of apples. Some damae and a few missing pieces, but still a great item.

(pic #4) Across the alley from WH Hood stands this old hotel restaurant and retail building.

(pic #5) Ghost sign. "Paynes Restaurant" "The Justly Fames (somethingsomething) Arthur". Any one care to guess the rest?

(pics #6 & #7) This bridge is actually a bit more impressive than the pictures suggest. Nice shape and scale, makes a nice entry from the south into the retail section downtown.

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