Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 4, Pt.1 - A Swiss Village in Indiana

Berne, Indiana - founded in the 19th century by Mennonites who arrived directly from Switzerland, Berne soon attracted a large population of Amish and other Swiss immigrants. As part of their attempt to celebrate their heritage, many of the buildings in town are decorated in a Swiss style. Some of it looks a bit like DisneySwiss, but overall the affect is quite nice. The pics below include...
1) Swiss lawnmower dealership
2) Swiss bank
3) Swiss hardware store
4) Swiss furniture store
5) Swiss eye care clinic
6) Swiss car dealership
7) Swiss library
8) Swiss insurance agency
9) Swiss automotive service station
10) Swiss post office
11) Swiss tractor supply & Swiss restaurant
12) Swiss fire hydrant
13) Swiss bank #2
14) Swiss heating and air
15) Swiss furniture #2
16) Swiss bank #3
17) Swiss fast food restaurant
18) Swiss general store
19) sign for Swiss burger joint... I couldn't bring myself to post a picture of the actual building, with its pattern of tiny yellow arches and red hearts on the dark brown woodwork.

I left Berne reluctantly, the quiet roads and neat little farms have a soothing effect, and I'll be happy to return next chance I get. I loaded my bike, rolled out into the county, and sat in front of a large soybean to eat my breakfst. Again, it was crickets in the weeds, wind the corn, violet-gray clouds dancing with patches of blue sky, and a large hawk sweeping low over the field in front of me... back and forth, climbing and diving, wheeling around, hovering in the breeze, trying to stir-up some breakfast of his own. It was beautiful, and I could have enjoyed it all day long, but the road requested my presence, and I was off again.

Riding North toward Decatur I watched the wavy tracks of the buggy wheels, and the arcs left in the tar by horseshoes. I went through an intersection a couple of miles north of Berne, and suddenly the buggy tracks were gone! I zigged and zagged a couple times, looking for more lines in the road, but the Amish travel no farther. The road seemed a little lonelier for wheir absence.

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  1. There's really more to see and experience in this village. This sis a perfect place to spend holidays or even anniversaries.