Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 2, Pt.3 - Onward to Arcanum

As I looped around to see the round barns I passed through the town of Arcanum. I saw several photo ops in town, so i went back before continuing to Greenville.

Pic #1 - Some of the roads out here get quite narrow. This road was barely more than one lane wide.

Pic #2 - Two young buffalo, south of Arcanum.

Pic #3 - I like the combination of blue sky, white house, aqua-green water tower, and red-brown brick bell tower.

Pic #4 - Brick roads at the main intersection of old downtown Arcanum. Not shown - the Amish coffee shop. I didn't realize the Amish did espresso...

Pic #5 - Paving bricks placed at diagonals in the intersection.

Pic #6 - Something else you don't see every day - an old-fashioned "STOP" lens. Now a flashing red 4-way stop, but at least they kept the old light units.

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