Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saint Mary of the Assumption, Decatur, Indiana

A few detail pics from Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church in Decatur, Indiana. A magnificent example of Mid-Century Modern used in religious architecture, it must have created quite a stir among the older churchgoers when finished in 1952!

Just look at that bell tower/steeple, looking very much like a Soviet rocket booster, and topped with a "Sputnik" cross.

Then there's the star/comet motif... it would be right at home with Soviet governmental or monumental architecture (someone will have to tell me what "HTA" and "MPA" mean).

The figure of Mary over the front entrance reminds me of the sarcophagus from "The Fifth Element", and again is very "Russian Motherland" in appearance.

Finally there is the amazing bas-relief over the entrance, below Mary's feet. This would be right at home in ancient Egypt, or perhaps Babylonia. Note the alienesque hand positions, and the lamb seemingly floating in space.

I'm dieing to go back some time when I can see the interior!